Monday, May 3, 2010

Day 5: QUEEN of the Twisty-climby Thing-a-ma-bob

Sunday -
Okay, not only did we go to the closest neighborhood playground today, but we went to a party at Frankie's Fun Park, too. After the party at Doty Park yesterday, I'm thinking we might be overdoing it. Here are some general observations:

1. Mommy guilt might be a good thing. What I mean by this is, when you don't let your kids do what they want to all the time, you begin to feel guilty about it. It wears on you. So when you finally do let them do whatever it is they've been begging for, you have this sense of relief, of doing something great for them. You're so happy to see their little faces as they play on said playground.

2. Letting your kids go to the playground every day may spoil them. I'm not hip on spoiled kids. After days of letting my son do what he wants and picking which playgrounds to go to, etc., PLUS having two kid parties in two days, son is beginning to lose that initial deep appreciation he had for said playgrounds and is no longer listening to Mommy. Mommy feels no more guilt, and therefore, patience for said "unappreciation" is wearing thin.

However, I am still committed to this experiment. Here are some more observations:

1. Personally, I'm no longer daunted by the fact that there are strange twisty, twirly, tall, small, swingy, dingy things I can play on at these playgrounds. Bring it on! I'm not afraid anymore.

2. The soreness in my arms and back are no longer annoying, but proof that something is happening here physically.

We'll work out the kinks with the kids...somehow. Step one was letting them stay up a little late to watch Extreme Home Makeover so they could see the sweet family with adopted kids, amputee kids, nonetheless. These girls were radiant, the same age as mine, smiles as big as heaven, and didn't complain or whine about any difficulties their disabilities present them. Hubby and I gently pointed out the fact that we are blessed to have our legs and arms and be able to play. There's no room for whining when we don't get our way.

I paid attention to this last lesson, myself.

Oh, did I mention we went to another playground today? I jogged while the kids rode these Razor scooters to the CLOSEST playground, literally down the street. Just long enough to feel it in my lungs. We played on this twisty climby thing, I believe I called myself the QUEEN of the Twisty-climby Thing-a-ma-bob, and then got down. It wasn't hard. Maybe I'm getting stronger?

Next, the dreaded swings. I talked to myself the whole time, trying to tell my brain that it doesn't need to make my stomach feel queasy. It doesn't. I still got queasy, but brainwashed myself into thinking it was no big deal. I feel I'm getting closer... Asked both kids if I could push a scooter home. Both rejected said plea. I jogged home.

Did I mention we went to Frankie's Fun Park in North Charleston later? Oh yes. My son and husband rode the Go-carts and did the batting cages. Son and daughter both did the Fun Slide three times each and inside played games for tickets to turn in for worthless trinkets that gave the kids much joy. I didn't play at all, yet watched them do it.

Sometimes it's exhausting having so much fun. At this point, Mommy wants to press cold cucumber slices on  her eyes, lie down in a quiet room, and well, just be quiet.

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