Thursday, May 6, 2010

Day 8: Visual Playground

Had a busy day today, so I couldn't make time to go out to a playground until after dinner. The kids, I believe, were already "played out" what with gymnastics and hitting balls with Dad. I would have set off on a walk by myself, a little quiet, a little peace amongst nature, but because of my 91 playground commitment, I decided to bring a child along. Daughter wanted to go but had to do homework first. Son wanted to stay home. By the time Daughter was ready, Son wanted to go, too...both on scooters...both attempting to try my patience.

Deeeeep breath.

My son bolted like lightning ahead of us, me just walking, and my daughter broke into tears, calling after him to slow down. Why I kept walking, not sure, but let's just say there was more of this, and more, and then some more, so by the time we reached a playground, neither of them deserved to be rewarded by actually playing on it. Sadly, I walked on by...goodbye swing set, goodbye twisty-climby thing...trying to keep up with the two squabblers who were bound and determined to outrun the other.

Thankfully, I never came undone. I simply pulled up my camera and went on my own little "Visual Playground." Does that count? I decided not to focus on the kid drama but to find that peace I was so looking forward to. Here are some of the lovely things I saw along the way. The kids? They got over it on their own and were friends again by the time we returned, me jogging behind.

The kids are in bed now, and I guarantee they'll sleep hard tonight. Then again, maybe I will too. Strangely, the only one disappointed in not actually playing on the playground today was me. I think the ground is shifting. I'm already thinking of where we could go tomorrow. I'm just raring to PLAY.

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